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CNR/IRC BFB attrition test apparatus

IRC BFB attrition test rig is shown in the below figure.

The stainless steel atmospheric bubbling fluidized bed reactor of 40 mm ID and 1 m height is used to carry out attrition experiments. The fluidization column is heated by two 2.2 kW electric furnaces. The distributor of fluidization gas is a perforated plate with 55 holes 0.5 mm in diameter disposed in a triangular pitch. Air, CO2, and a SO2-N2 mixture can be separately supplied to the reactor by means of digital mass flow meters/controllers.

Batches of limestone can be fed to the reactor via a hopper connected sideways to the upper part of the freeboard, which is equipped with a three-way valve. By operating this valve it is possible to convey flue gases alternately to two removable filters made of sintered brass. This device allows time-resolved collection of elutriated fines. Analysis of CO2 and SO2 concentrations in the flue gas is accomplished by means of two NDIR analyzers on line.

Attrition test apparatus:1) gas preheating section; 2) electrical furnaces; 3) ceramic insulator; 4) gas distributor; 5) thermocouple; 6) fluidization column; 7) head with three-way valve; 8) sintered brass filters; 9) hopper; 10) SO2 scrubber; 11) stack; 12) cellulose filter; 13) membrane pump; 14) gas analyzers; 15) personal computer; 16) manometer; 17) digital mass flowmeters. (Scala & Salatino; 2009) 


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