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In the following diagramm the work and the distribution between partners is described.

In the frame of the work packages dedicated tasks are to be performed using TGA and bench-scale test facilities for sorbent, process characterisation and optimisation as well as for development and validation of advanced modelling and simulation tools.

Kinetic data to be obtained through experimentation under realistic conditions will be used to create a sorbent kinetic model. Kinetic model will be used as an input for CFD modelling of the reactors.

The CFD models will allow the prediction of reaction performance at given conditions and their output will be used in a process and steam cycle model. 

Two reference case power plants, a retroffit 300 MWe lignite and a state of the art 1000 MWe power plant will be the basis for the process and steam cycle models. 

Completion of these models will facilitate the assessment of variation of operational parameters on both the CO2 capture efficiency and the steam cycle efficiency of a power plant equipped with a CaL facility.

As a result optimum operation-design conditions can be found and corresponding design rules to be produced.Basic engineering and a techno-economical feasibility study will be carried out based on the developed design rules.

Valuable information on potential sorbent materials with high chemical and mechanical activity may be obtained.  Sorbent treatment and reactivation methods will be realized. The best activation method will be directed to bench-scale continuous Dual Fluidized Bed (DFB) system experimentation.

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